Sectors (Subcamps)

Sector I – Love Zone (Bavaria)

Do you want to attend the most relaxed camp of your life? Relaxed atmosphere? Complete harmony? Like it used to be? In harmony with nature, games and fun, no modern machines which make your life complicated? Then you are in the right place – in Bavaria!

Back to the roots LOVE ZONE!

We want you!

Sector II – Tintánes (Hamburg)

The inhabitants of Tintánes live under a glass dome. We are a very individual tribe with lots of freedom and lust for life. Our life style is very futuristic and you recognize us by our crazy hairdos, weird fashion style and silvery accessories. If you like glitter and tinsel, join us at the camp.

Sector III – Freepolis (Schleswig-Holstein)

Morning and welcome in Freepolis – the subcamp of Schleswig-Holstein. Our sector lives by the motto: ’be who you want to be and do what you want to do’. The freedom of the individual is the most important thing and everyone has space to be what they want to be. Art and creating are as important as spontaneous flashmobs, poetry slams, musical performances etc. etc. It’s all possible.

We don’t like to have our freedom curtained by rules and regulation. We’d love for you to join us!

Sector IV – Gamer’s Throne (Rhineland-Palatinate/Saar)

It’s time to choose your level, places are few and fought over! In sector IV all fights take place on the playing field – whether virtual or real. At the end there will be only one victor. The game of thrones has begun.

Sector V – Saneco (Niedersachsen)

Welcome in Saneco, where the viruses, dirt and laziness have no chance. All the world spends their time on social media and doesn’t notice their own decline . Nobody improves themselves, body and soul are being neglected. The other sectors are aimless, not thinking about their future. But Saneco is different. The quality of life of its population is the main focus, people care for their neighbors and everyone lives an active, healthy and happy life. Living to old age can only be earned if one is in good health with a healthy mind. Hygiene and activity are the key to success, without them it won’t be possible for us to be the best we can be.

Sector VI – werkSTADT (Sachsen)

The people of sector VI – werkSTADT have managed to outsource all daily tasks to highly intelligent robots. The robots however, have decided to stop serving the humans and follow their own dreams in space. In these difficult times the young Eleonora Edeltraut Katharina – short Elektra – and the young dynamic robot RoboRT get together. The young couple experience exterior catastrophes and inner conflicts. Will their love survive and will they manage to save the world and werkSTADT with the help of the sector participants?

Sector VII – Villa Resistenza (Hessen)

In Villa Resistenza, a little village of resistance, the inhabitants prefer analogue means of communication. They refuse to use modern technology and don’t want to be controlled by the government which controls all the other sectors – whether from ignorance or fear is unclear.

A key figure is Dottore Glorioso, a famous and ancient scientist who the people are almost enthralled by. It was he who discovered the surveillance of the sectors a few years prior.

Sector VIII – M[aier] (Würtemberg)

Us M[] are the entrepreneurial top of society of the 26. century! Every M[] has been successful become famous and respected through hard work. Behind every successful man stands a M[]! Who doesn’t want to be like us? Our sector of glamour and riches not everyone succeeds. No party without M[].